What’s the New Normal? 

We’ve taken everything we’ve learned over years, thousands of ear photos, and quite possibly the largest Q-tip collection ever to launch wireless Normals. But, since it’s us, it’s way better than just regular ol’ wireless earphones that you can pluck off a shelf.

Check what we’ve crammed into these guys:


No, but actually. New Normals plug directly into your computer, external battery, or any USB plug. So, no more crawling around on the floor looking for a wall charger. That needed to end.


The 5 axis adjustments creates a perfect seal (leakage is still never a good thing), perfect position, and fit security. Basically you can go hang out in a bouncy house all day and these bad boys will stay put.


Looks better, fits better, and possibly tastes better than Candy Dots. Built in over 30 sizes, we’ve used all of our exp-ear-tise to guarantee the perfect fit.

How can i order them? 

Just think magic thoughts and hope real hard. Then visit our website here to enter your info. Simple.


Sit back and relax. Try to contain your excitement about the free t-shirt. We’ll contact you for a free fitting. Free is great.

why should i get them?

Click it. That's why. 

Can I still order original Normals?

Na dude, that ship has sailed. But thanks for asking.

I have original Normals, can I just re-order new Normals?

Duh. Click here to order your pair and use the same name/e-mail you used to place your original order if you can. We have your ears on file (and we look at them every night before we go sleep).

What’s the difference between Sport and Suit?

Now you don’t have to rely on your Instagram to create your identity. We’ve done it for you.

Sweat Edition: perfect for athletes, aspiring athletes, and generally sweaty people. Stays put during your marathon run or marathon Netflix binge. We won’t tell.

Suit Edition: perfect for professionals, travelers, people who wear suits, refuse to wear suits, and aspire to wear suits. Suits are complicated.

Both are great. You do you. Or do the opposite. Always mess with their minds. 

Can I order both?

You can and you should.

My ears are unusually large/small/odd. Will this work for me?

Here’s the thing about ears - the weirder the better. Large, small, hairy, waxy, bring it on. We’re using years of data and tens of thousands of ears to create the perfect fit for you.

I live abroad, can I still order?

Yes, if you have a US address. Visit our website to place your order and enter a valid US address (a friend or family member’s address will do). You probably should also order a pair for that person - it’s just the right thing to do.

Why do my Normals sound so friggin’ good?

You finally have properly fitting earphones that put a stop to sound leakage. Leakage is never good.

I have a gift card. What do I do?

Lucky you! Email us at We’ll make sure you are taken care of.

How do I buy a gift card for new Normals?

Visit our website, place your order, and shoot us an email at letting us know it’s a gift. You probably should order one for yourself, too. You deserve it.

Taking ear photos was my favorite thing ever. What happened to that?

That was the best, right? Don't worry, we'll contact you for a fitting and some ear photos so you can get your fix and we can stare at more ears. 

What should I do with all this free space now that I don’t have a cable?

Things you can do without a cable:

  • Play Cat’s Cradle

  • Do the hand jive

  • Look like you are talking to yourself

  • Pretend you are on the phone so you can ignore people

  • Give high fives, and plenty of 'em

  • Eat a sandwich with extra sauce

  • Drink a green juice

  • Throw a green juice on someone


Rule of thumb: When in doubt, shoot us an e-mail. We’ll do you right.

Something is wrong with my Normals. What do I do?

Total bummer - we hear you. Unfortunately, we are unable to replace or fix original Normals. Shoot us an email and we’ll get started on next steps.

I have a gift card. What can I do?

Lucky you! Email is at We’ll make sure you are taken care of.

What happened to the app?

The Normal app for iTunes and Google Play went to live on a farm in Kansas with lots of grass and other apps to play with.

I want to re-order my original Normals. Help me out?

We’ll do you one better. Email us at or click here to upgrade to wireless Normals. We have your ears on file.

I love my Normals. Can I upgrade to new Normals?

Obvs. Click here to order your pair - use the same name/e-mail you used to place your original order if you can.


What’s going on at 150 West 22nd Street?

Like many unmentioned celebrity housewives, we’re undergoing a bit of a facelift. Unlike our Bravo counterparts, we’re proud to admit it and can’t freakin’ wait to show you our digs when we’re done. Until then, email us at

Where do you ship?

Anywhere in the US of A where ears exist.

Are these good for me? Bad for me?

Typically, hearing damage is created by the exposure to loud sounds for long periods of time - it’s totally up to you how loud you want to listen to your music or videos of cats. Since your Normals are personalized to your ear, you may find you don’t need to turn your music as up high, so you might be doing a bit less damage to your ear stuffs.

Can I buy Normals for my kid? Teen? Tween?  

Absolutely. We can’t guarantee that your kid will listen to good music, but at least they’ll look good doing it.

What happens if my Normals don’t fit?

We’re pretty sure they will, and you and your ears deserve the best. If you are not satisfied with the fit or sound quality of your Normals, let us know and we can either fix this up for you at no cost or refund your payment.

What is the warrantee on my Normals?

One liner - we’ll do you right, Normals have a one year warrantee, and if you are unhappy with the fit or feel we can make sure you are taken care of.